About Us

Krush Design Studio is a boutique graphic design firm located in the Cloverdale area of Surrey, BC, Canada that designs and creates all types of stationery as well as business and marketing material. We specialize in custom, handmade wedding invitations and wedding stationery. As your wedding invitation sets the tone for your event, it is important for us to customize the wedding invitation to fit your personality and adhere to the highest quality to meet and exceed your expectations and needs. Each wedding invitation is handmade and assembled by us in house.

For business and promotional material, Krush Design Studio offers a free consultation which includes a marketing assessment to ensure your brand is well represented in the marketing material that is created.

Who are we?

Reena Gill

Reena Gill is a paralegal by day but has an eye for design, perfection, and beauty. She loves to create wedding invitations that will wow her clients. When she is not working on putting together wedding invitation suites, she is researching the latest in paper and colour trends for today’s bride.  She loves to explore with her daughter, travel, hike, and read.

Rumin Mann

Rumin is a graphic designer and communications manager. With education and experience in business, marketing, communications, and history, her passion lies in graphic design. She is constantly upgrading her skills in the latest design technology and colour psychology. When she isn’t chasing after her two boys, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures and their history. She is a sci-fi geek and her favourite thing to do to unwind is sip on latte while watching the sunset


Our Story

IMG_1665When Reena and Rumin got married (a year apart from each other), they both could not find a local source to create the wedding invitation that they envisioned within their budgets. After some trial and error, Reena created her wedding invitations exactly as how she envisioned and Rumin also designed majority of her own wedding stationery. This lead to them creating wedding invitations and stationery for family and friends. Together, with Rumin’s graphic design skills and Reena’s crafting skills, the sister-in-laws co-founded Krush Design Studio in 2014 to provide a cost-effective solution for brides & grooms to get their wedding invitations and stationery made locally in Surrey. This small, boutique wedding stationery company has since grown to become a full graphic design studio including business graphic design & print services. With everything from the design to the print and assembly done in-house, we can guarantee a high quality product made within your timeline. 


Our Process

Please click on “Our Process” in the above menu or the following link to read about our process for creating your wedding invitation. krushdesignstudio.com/our-process/